Silky pancakes with maple meringue

I love pancakes! They bring back wonderful childhood memories. When my mother didn't really feel like cooking and told us that we would eat pancakes for supper, it was party time!

A few years later, my chef Gilles from the Paris-Brest restaurant (where I worked for 2 years) introduced me to his thin orange crepes that melted in your mouth. It was a real pleasure when he made me some on Fridays. I said to myself "the French know how to make good pancakes!". 

A few years ago, a customer from the United States with Swedish origins shared her grandmother's pancake recipe with me. That's when I discovered Swedish pancakes! What finesse my friends! 

Since then, all these people still contribute today, when I make pancakes, to ensure that each one receives so much love that it tastes like heaven and melts in your mouth. Ask my nephews who makes the best pancakes ;)!!

At lunch, with a ton of various fruits just to absorb some vitamins, pancakes are a must for my weekends. So here is my recipe for thin pancakes (or, I like them thin and silky!).

WARNING: you know that I never measure. The most important will therefore be:

1. The texture of the mixture

2. The heat of the pan

Adjust as needed!


For about 8-10 thin pancakes (depending on the size of the pan!)

1 cup almond milk (regular milk works too, but I love the taste of almond milk in pancakes!)

3 eggs

2/3 cup flour

1 tbsp. vanilla

1 tbsp. maple syrup

A pinch of salt

Butter, magarine or oil


Over medium-high heat, heat a large skillet. While it is heating, prepare the pancake mix. 

In a bowl, mix with a mixer (or a whisk and your muscles, vigorously!), the eggs with half of the flour and milk. Once everything is smooth (no lumps!), add the rest of the flour and milk. Add salt and maple syrup. Mix well so that no lumps remain.

The texture of the mixture should be quite liquid, without being watery (more like maple syrup). If you feel it's too thick, add a little milk.

Start cooking. Your skillet should be quite hot. Lower the heat to medium. Put a little fat in the pan and spread well.

Pour a ladleful of the mixture. Raise the pan and turn it. If the pancake mix spreads easily over the entire surface of the pan and becomes a thin layer, you're in business! Otherwise, add a little milk and mix. 

Cook for a few minutes, until golden, flip, then cook the other side for just one or two minutes, so that the pancake remains soft and moist. Repeat for each pancake!


For the maple meringue, the recipe is here

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