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Who is Madame Germaine?

Self-taught in cooking, I am a culinary globetrotter with a passion for people. Peru, Morocco, Vietnam, Brazil... My adventures have taken me across the 5 continents! My hidden talent? I form bonds quickly with the people I meet on my travels. This allows me enter their world, learn more about their local customs and, of course, discover authentic recipes.

My 5 favourite moments :

  • Attending the wedding ceremony of an Indian couple
  • The day when a former Olympic champion from Brazil invited me to a BBQ at his home perched atop a favela
  • My queen’s dinner with a Jordanian family
  • Long chats with a street fruit vendor in Shanghai
  • Participating in a soup kitchen for the homeless every Friday in the middle of the night in Lima

My name is Anne Rouleau, also known as Madame Germaine

At 37 years old, MBA in hand and with years in various management experience in Quebec, New York or Cameroon, I chose to combine my experience as a businesswoman with my passions to turn my dream into reality. I created Madame Germaine in 2016, with a view to creating unique human experiences like the ones I had the chance to experience as a culinary globetrotter.


Madame Germaine was founded in 2016 with the idea of spreading the values of open-mindedness, friendliness, pleasure and respect extolled by Anne Rouleau’s grandmother, Germaine Laroche. Germaine was a kind woman who excelled at the art of welcoming people and making them feel good!

It was with the Germaine recipe book in hand and a bicentennial house to share that Anne developed the concept of creating an experience of discovery through food, with the intent of sharing family recipes, stories and human experiences. Given Anne’s international bent, it quickly turned into a worldwide adventure.

Always in search of authentic recipes, Madame Germaine takes her guests on a journey by sharing her encounters and allowing them to experience the joy of opening up to others. Motivation is sharing. It is also finding joy in learning and forming bonds. The company allows you to travel through an extraordinary culinary adventure, from Quebec to Morocco.

Today, Madame Germaine hopes to inspire a community of people from around the world to awaken their desire to open up, discover each other, make connections, share and maintain human contact.

Madame Germaine

Madame Germaine