Turkey and pizza love!

Yes the Italians make good pizzas. But I don't understand that Tricks don't have the same reputation!

Pides are a remarkable Turkish specialty!

And although it is a Turkish specialty, it was in Jordan that I discovered these delicious pizzas with an unusual shape. Spying on Alhasaf in his little shop cooking them, I couldn't resist offering him my help. After several months of perseverance, I finally managed to get his pide dough recipe. It is my pleasure to share this experience with you.

The dough recipe is here.

And here is a lunch I ate in Turkey that will have marked me for life.

I was in the Trabzon region, and there, the cheese and the butter, they are good! I can tell you that the Turks coat the dough well before and during baking. It then becomes light and crispy at the same time. In addition, they serve it with love!!

pizza turquie

Have fun traveling by cooking your own pides. The fillings are very variable!

For a good authentic recipe, here is a suggestion of Refika's kitchen.

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