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*Combine certain destinations with a suitcase!! You will receive 3 ingredients for the menu, a musical playlist, food-beverage pairings, and much more!

36.99 + tx per suitcase
Only $31.99 + tx per suitcase if combined with a workshop and with a minimum order of 8 suitcases.
*Delivery costs not included



Greek Sunshine
Your plate will evoke the warmth of Greece’s nights with dishes that are amongst this country’s thousands of culinary wonders!

  • Soft homemade pita bread
  • Great chicken souvlaki with the best tzatziki
  • Fanouropita, a Greek cake you won’t be able to stop eating!

*Suitcase available for this destination;


Middle Eastern Journey (Jordan)
Explore this country where people have a pure heart, strong traditions and generosity beyond compare. Travelling to Jordan means walking in the historical footsteps of our world, but it especially means discovering Arabic authenticity through its culture and dishes.

  • Palestinian Casserole, a great dish to share
  • Ameena’s salad
  • Savoury tahini cake

*Suitcase available for this destination;


Moroccan Hospitality
Morocco: Land of flavours and contrasts. Known for its vast Sahara, its legendary hospitality and its fabulous cuisine, Morocco will charm you with unforgettable flavours! Experience a unique trip that you will forever remember.

  • Chicken tajine with olives and preserved lemons
  • Fresh orange salad
  • Almond cookies

*Suitcase available for this destination;


Peru: the marvellous city of gold
As South America’s gastronomical empire, Peru will surprise you with the variety and influence of its dishes. In keeping with its tradition of feeding the world, Peru reveals its hidden treasures to you.

  • Fish ceviche, a Peruvian classic
  • Lomo saltado, a unique beef sauté
  • Alfajores, fabulous dulce de leche cookies


Quebec: our grandmothers’ classics
Immerse yourself in authentic Quebec fare with this workshop inspired by the warm welcome of my grandmother, Germaine Laroche. You’ll discover the roots of Quebec through an authentic and unique human experience.

  • Germaine’s meatball stew
  • Cream salad
  • Succulent bread pudding