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Your sole mission: purchase fresh ingredients, put on your best apron and let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of discovery!

$34.99 + tax per kit
Only $29.99 + tx if combined with a workshop
Price valid for a minimum order of 8 kits
Shipping fees not included



A Taste of the World

Your taste buds will rejoice! A trip around the world through four delicious bites.

  • Tropical-Artic Papaya & Cranberry Jam (212 mL)
  • A Spice Affair Madras Curry seasoning (100 g)
  • A Spice Affair Taco seasoning (100 g)


Middle Eastern Journey

Explore this country where people have a pure heart, strong traditions and generosity beyond compare. Travelling to the Middle East means walking in historical footsteps of our world, but it especially means discovering Arabic authenticity in its culture and its dishes.

  • A Spice Affair 7 Spices seasoning (100 g)
  • A Spice Affair Sumac spice (100 g)
  • Nabet Tahini (sesame paste) (600 g)


Moroccan Hospitality;

Known for its vast Sahara and its fabulous cuisine, Morocco will charm you with its flavours that will make your taste buds rejoice! Experience a unique trip that you will remember forever.

  • Madame Germaine Souks of Marrakech seasoning
  • Les Délices de l’Île d’Orléans candied lemons
  • Orange flower water


Greek Sunshine;

With these delicious dishes, your plate will evoke the warmth of Greece’s nights. Bring the freshness of the Mediterranean to your kitchen!

  • Madame Germaine Moulas’ Souvlaki seasoning
  • Maison Orphée Lemon olive oil
  • Nutra-Fruit Orange-flavoured cranberries

Indian Vibe;

Your taste buds will rejoice! A menu influenced by spices whose flavours will charm you. Travel to the colourful heart of this country’s well-organized chaos.;

  • Mango Chutney Little Red Riding Hood;(125 ml)
  • Madame Germaine Chai in Mumbai blend (75 g)
  • A Spice Affair Butter chicken seasoning (100 g)