Tabbouleh from Suhaila


It is an honor for Madame Germaine to have a little sister in Jordan who shares the same values!

Started in 2019 with my partner Mohammed, Suhaila welcomes people at home to share Jordanian culture through food, in a friendly and warm moment.

In the Middle East, tabbouleh is a very popular salad. Healthy, tasty and easy to make, it can be used as a meal by adding chickpeas, or serve as a side dish.

Here is Suhaila (by the way, Suhaila is the name of Mohammed's mother, our inspiration!)


For about 4 people, as a side

1 handful of parsley

1 medium-sized tomato

1/2 cucumber

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 onion

Mint leaves

2 tbsp. tablespoon olive oil

1 tbsp. salt

2/3 cup soaked fine bulgur, or cooked couscous


Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl.

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