Throwback to my 2 months sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free!

régime sans sucre sans gluten

Because several people asked me questions and wanted to get started too... but not for the same reasons as me.

It's funny, I've watched so many Youtubers do it. I never thought that would happen to me one day. Let's say that life has forced things. In my case, it was a wrist and coccyx injury that brought me to see the chiropractor Vanessa from LivSanté. I was told it didn't crack. Good, I hate to crack!

Vanessa does her job as a chiropractor, but as she says, when the pain lasts, the relief only lasts a few days and you have to go back to see her every month, it's not normal. This was my case, I could not recover from this banal fall, despite the fact that I train and keep myself in fairly good shape in general.

In these moments, rather than charging into the void, Vanessa looks at other causes for the inflammation that won't heal. Especially the food.

And in my case, I already knew that I had difficulties. Dairy products didn't bother me for a while (tummy bloating and severe constipation, not to mention the effects on my hormones (breast pain, etc.)) – I had banished them from my life to my great regret. Carbs and gluten were making me “rush” a little too, even if not as much.

But I like to eat healthy and take care of my energy, but I also like to taste and discover! And when the trips start again, I want to continue exploring the culinary flavors of the world without depriving myself!

So I started a cleansing process, of sorts. The goal: to get rid of the bacteria in my gut that cause inflammation when they eat milk, sugar, gluten (and for me many other things like coconut, etc.) and feed the ones that make me feel good . For this, I had to stop feeding them for a month at the start, and take probiotics in order to bring in good new bacteria. Then the other month I had to keep going, then boost the good old bacteria with products that feed them (zinc and Green in my case).

Here I am after 2 months. Last Saturday, I went to the restaurant. My first special pleasure moment in 2 months. I ate fried cheese, fried calamari, pizza, ice cream… Result: no bloating. No constipation. Just the normal that continues! First successful test!

I will continue my good habits, while allowing myself more often special moments to make sure that these swellings do not come back too quickly. I'll let you know!

But in the meantime, here is my observation on these 2 months:



I managed to find amazing recipes and eat very well, super varied and to treat myself. I have published several on the Voyager, Savor, Share group. Snack, aperitif, desserts, I found plenty of alternatives. But yes, it is planned. Going without planning would have been painful, because I would always have eaten the same thing! I made a menu for 2 weeks starting with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even alcohol. But all in all, changing habits was easy. I discovered new ingredients, new ways of cooking. It takes time though.

Honestly, I loved feeling that everything I ate was good for me. But with the deconfinement, the only difficult part was to have less social and going out because no restaurant (or finally, almost, but it's more complex! – there are however ways to get by!) .

I think when I post recipes in the future, I will indicate if it is gluten-free, dairy-free, or low glycemic index. In short, I ate very well and super varied, but because I took the time to cook and do research.



The sugar-free diet was quite low on the glycemic index. You can find the values ​​of each ingredient on the internet and you have to aim as low as possible. Do not trust the carbohydrates on the cracker box for example, you really have to see the glycemic index on the Internet!

Basically no sugar, but also no bananas, mangoes, cooked carrots and turnips, potatoes, corn, wheat, etc. There are many many restrictions. We agree, without cooking ourselves, these ingredients are everywhere! So I explored many kinds of flour (quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, lupine, etc.) to get by! And luckily, we were in the middle of the season for berries, which have a very low glycemic index! You should also know that, by aiming for low glycemic indices, it also becomes very easy to reduce gluten... they combine very well!



I hate the word diet. I never gain my weight. I don't understand people who aim for the Yo-Yo effect rather than maintaining a healthy diet on a daily basis. In short, for me, the ultimate goal is vitality!! Thunderous energy every day. No guilt for what makes us happy, but a balance to feel good about ourselves (and that's personal to everyone). So obviously by aiming for the low glycemic index, I lost weight. In my case, 8 pounds in 2 months. But was that my goal? Pantoute!


Do I still have pain in my wrist and tailbone? DO I HAVE MORE ENERGY?

While I was tired and I felt my vitality at its lowest, I now feel much better!

My wrist doesn't hurt at all anymore and I can finally lift anything I want! My tailbone is almost fully recovered (I had trouble sitting still!). My breasts no longer hurt during ovulation. My hormones are much less affected. So yes, the inflammation has gone down and I feel better. I have more energy (I'm not at my peak yet 😉!) and my vitality is coming back. It's hard to describe, but we feel it inside of us when we're full of gas! I like to get up in the morning and feel full of life to accomplish all my projects. Tsé, when nothing scares us!

Note that I combined this with what it takes me to maintain this vitality. But here is my recipe, which I will continue:

  • Eat healthy everyday and allow myself special moments of pleasure (fries, sweet desserts, etc.) 3 to 4 times a week (but without calculating, without getting into guilt, just letting go and aiming to eat which gives me as much energy as possible every day. Anyway it's good and full of flavors!).
  • Training 3-4 times a week. Bodybuilding with a bit of cardio intensity is my best mix
  • Walk 3-4 times a week, 3-4 km each time. Beyond making me move, it makes me breathe, think, empty, etc. Makes me feel better!
  • Meditate 4 times a week (connect to myself and listen to what my heart is whispering to me!)
  • Laugh!! Do crazy things! Laugh again!


So if you want to try my "diet", I invite you just above all to take the time to see how you feel on a daily basis in your skin, measure your energy to accomplish your projects, and see if you want to make any corrections. If so, it will be a set of habits that you will have to change to create your own balance! Don't aim for a diet, just to feel good about yourself and full of vitality!

Feeling good about yourself can just mean loving yourself the way you are!! First of all...!!

The body is your car to get you where you want to go! It needs to be taken care of. And it is at the service of your heart to which you must connect to make the best decisions and feel lighter on a daily basis… regardless of your weight!


  • je suis intolérante au lait, quand je mange du sucre je suis très fatiguée, je gonfle beaucoup du ventre. J’aimerais bien suivre ton 2 mois de nouvelle alimentation. merci de m’aider

    Ginette Carrier
  • J’aimerais beaucoup suivre ton nettoyage. Je suis intolérante au lait , le sucre je suis fatigué quand j’en mange. Jai mal a mes articulations . Peux tu m’aider svp merci

    Ginette Carrier

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