Touski sweet and savory breakfast platters

It happens once a year. I receive my aunts, the girls at Germaine (the real one!). We have fun, we laugh, we make nonsense, we love each other! It's almost too good to be true you tell me! Well a gang of Germaines together, imagine!! Phew!!

One thing is certain, I never really plan what we will eat, except for supper, and the rest is improvised to spend the leftovers.
Martine brings good fresh northern shrimp from the Matapédia Valley.
Guyguy brings his boyfriend's super smoked salmon.
The others have strawberries, smoked ham from a local producer, cheeses from the Fromagerie du Presbytère, croissants from their local bakery…

To pass on leftovers, I like to make complete lunches and dinners, with sweet and savory. That's how I ended up making 2 large platters, one salty, one sweet.

Plateau sucré
Leftover croissants, chocolatines, etc.
Fruit available (I had bananas and raspberries)
A can of  Chocolat Favoris (the flavor you prefer!!)
A few toasted nuts (almonds, pecans…)
Fresh mint

Savory platter
Potatoes sautéed in duck fat, seasoned withSalted Herbs from Bas du Fleuve Dried
Scrambled eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper
Remaining smoked salmon and northern shrimp
Sprinkle with Espelette peppers and garnish with mustard sauce

Mustard sauce
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1 tbsp. meaux mustard
1 tbsp. Maison Orphée cider vinegar
1 tbsp. maple syrup
A little water to thin out and make more liquid
Salt and pepper

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