Sujuk eggs (with leftover fondue meat!!)

A classic Turkish breakfast!! Eggs with Sucuk (pronounced Sudjouk) sausage, a well-seasoned sausage with a unique taste. Difficult to find here, and quite expensive, I had the idea of ​​replacing this sausage with leftover Chinese fondue meat (we always have too much!). With the spice mix Sujuk from A Spice Affair, we have a quick trip to Turkey, well done!

For 2 people

3-4 eggs

Fondue meat (depending on what you have left!)

Sujok Spices A Spice Affair

Salt and pepper, to taste

In a skillet, over low heat, brown the meat in oil or butter. Add a little water so it doesn't dry out. Add the spices.

Then break the eggs over the meat. Cook gently until desired doneness (I like runny yolks), you can also make a brouillade if you prefer. Season to taste.

To complete your Turkish breakfast, add olives, tomatoes and cucumber, bread, jam, tahini and molasses...

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