Bazurto market, a colorful market

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Markets are the nerve center of any place. We discover what to eat, but also we get a ton of information on the culture and the way of life of the locals. Markets exist, tourists or not, and they are exceptional places to visit. Going to the market is discovering the daily life of people, smells, habits and making friends!

The Bazurto market is no exception to the rule and allows you to get out of the tourist chaos of Cartagena and into the daily chaos of the inhabitants. Besides, if you talk to your vendors, servers, guides, etc. and ask them about their life, you will realize that they rarely live in the centros neighborhoods of Cartagena, which are more for the rich and tourists. Their house is often located in the barrio of the Bazurto market, a little further to the southeast of the city.

To get there, I simply walked. About 30 minutes from my apartment located east of the Getsimani and San Diego neighborhoods. It was hot, and although I enjoyed discovering a different part of Cartagena, I was very happy to find this cold lemonade vendor on the way!

Warning! The action takes our eyes everywhere but you have to watch where you step!

I was hesitant to take a tour, and although I had fun in this market, I would recommend anyone to do it. First, because so many people on the road told me to be careful not to get robbed, that I was always afraid in the market, even to take out my camera. Then, because I would have learned even more about people and I would have met even more people. But obviously I would have been with a tour group. What I was trying to avoid. Finally, if you ever decide to go there with a tour, several options are available to you (Airbnb, Trip Advisor, ...).

If you ever go there without a ride, go there

  • With an open heart and a smile on your face
  • With infinite curiosity
  • Without jewelry and hiding your money and your cell phone, but with confidence in the goodness of the majority of people


Ici haut je suis dans un centre commercial très moderne non loin du marché.

Ici bas je suis dans les rues environnantes au marché.

When you go to the market, you will see the social inequalities. The market versus a large modern shopping mall. Upon entering, you will be a little confused by this maze. The market is big and appeals to all your senses! But don't be discouraged. Each place is divided by sector. So we end up finding ourselves there.

In the row of metals I found lots of practical kitchen tools!

I also found a place with (real) colorful chicks!!

Not talking to people would be missing out on the wagon maker, or talented singers! You will also discover the Champeta, music invented in the less affluent Afro-Colombian suburbs of Cartagena.

Freshly caught fish the same morning at the small port of the market (photo just above). 


In food, you will discover never before seen fruits, but also medicinal herbs traditionally used for generations to cure all ailments!

Be sure to taste the local specialties of the small restaurants in the market, including the one that attracted Antony Bourdain during his visit to this place.


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