Eat mindfully or eat like you're traveling!

I recently discovered the pleasure of eating mindfully. And maybe you too (maybe even without knowing it). I was taught mindfulness over 14 years ago. Mindfulness was the basis for better leadership, so it's not surprising that we explored it thoroughly in the MBA. For all these years, I knew meditation very well theoretically, its benefits, how it should be done, etc.

For several years also, my spiritual guide Nancy Vachon had been constantly telling me to take the time to stop and eat. Just 15 minutes, to enjoy my meal, even when I'm alone and in a busy working day. I heard his message well and knew its importance, but I wasn't really listening.

Well let's see you!

Stopping to eat alone. Take the time to savor alone. Without my cell in front of me. Without talking on the phone. Without standing to hurry. Without eating in front of my computer while working. Without entertainment other than my food.

Hey well, like what, when it doesn't come from us...

Then there was the Covid, the twists and turns, the hard work… and suddenly, a kind of something that brings a bit of fatigue. Deeper thoughts. Questioning. A forced slowdown.

And suddenly, all the theory became practice not because it had to, but for the luminous well-being it brings inside.

With this meditation also came the pleasure of stopping to savor, all by myself! But yes! What a pleasure to sit alone to taste what has been prepared, even if this thing is the simplest there is. What a joy to enjoy each of the ingredients, to realize how they grew, the energy that was put into growing them, how they got to us. An intense dose of vital energy from all over the earth that passes through our organs and goes into our blood, our muscles, our ligaments, to give us back this energy. What a pleasure to enjoy colors, tastes, textures. What a magical moment I now spend eating alone, savoring in silence, if only 15 minutes a day with myself. A total and complete connection with nature, on my plate!

So here it is, finally after all these years of theory and "theoretical" practice, I feel such immense well-being that eating alone, with my food, stopping completely, has become in my priorities several times a week. And it's like any well-established habit, it won't go away anytime soon!

I wish you enjoy it just as much!

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