The amazing Jordanian breakfast!

I was very happy to meet Ayman alias Monsieur Spices to learn more about Jordanian cuisine and above all, to know how to easily prepare this wonderful protein breakfast that starts the day off right!

And for your next Sunday brunch, you will have a crazy success without breaking your head!

Ayman owns A Spice Affair, which produces explosive spice blends that take you around the world! Of high quality, without additives, without GMOs, without traces of peanuts or nuts. 15% off anytime by clicking here.

- tomatoes and cucumbers

- seasoned olives

- labneh (plain yogurt drained for at least 4 hours) with olive oil and sumac

- Silky scrambled eggs with 7 spices and Armenian pepper 

- grilled cheese and honey

- makdous (small aubergines stuffed with walnuts)

- zaatar and olive oil

- pita bread

To know how to prepare it, see our video on Youtube!

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  • Vraiment sympathique ton petit déjeuner avec le beau jordanien. Et au final tu lui as parlé de Steeve, je suis crampée 🤣


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