Limonade nana

Every time I go to Jordan, I go to Aqaba to visit Madame Germaine's little sister, Suhaila. I take the opportunity to stop at the “Syrian Palace” restaurant, because Ahmad always welcomes me there with a smile, and with a mint lemonade (nana in Arabic!). I sit on the chair outside in front of the restaurant, and we can chat for hours watching and greeting passers-by.

Thank you Ahmad!!

For about 4 people


1/2 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 big big handful of mint

3 cups of water

Ice (a lot if you want more of a slush!!, and in that case reduce the amount of water a bit)


In a blender, put the lemon juice, maple syrup and mint. Pulse to finely chop the mint. Add water and pulse again. Serve in a glass filled with ice.

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