Monsieur Cocktail Iced Tea Lemonade

Want to escape to Asia, but not just sipping your green tea too zen for a Friday night?

Here is an exploded version that will pimp your evenings!!

Thanks to Patrice Plante, alias Monsieur Cocktail, for sharing the recipe!

For 1 glass

3.5 oz of iced green tea*
3 oz of aloe drink
0.75 oz of Monsieur Cocktail lemon syrup
Sparkling water
Citrus and mint slice ( to decorate)

For an alcoholic lemonade, add 1 oz of Canadian whiskey 1769.

In a tall glass (quart or mason jar) filled with ice, add all the ingredients except the sparkling water.

Stir with a stick or a spoon to cool the lemonade well. Top up with sparkling water.

Garnish with a slice of citrus fruit and fresh mint.


*To make the iced tea, steep 1 tbsp. mint tea  Monsieur T. (Tireless Mint) or 1 tbsp green tea of ​​your choice with a handful of fresh mint in a cup of hot water. Refrigerate to cool.

Cold infusion is possible. Steep the tea the night before in cold water, but double the amount of tea.

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