The winning duo: Keftas-hummus



A winning duo with its extra flavours, its simplicity and its dose of protein! Powww!

Accompany me with a little fattoush salad (the recipe is here!)and you have a meal of champion! Great health and a straight trip to the Middle East.

1.Make the koftas according to Madame Germaine's recipe. Find it here.

2. On a nice plate (do not hesitate to take a large plate to put in the middle of the table), spread some hummus*.

3. Add the keftas, olive oil, parsley, and roasted nuts in the olive oil (pine nuts, blanched almonds...).

*Take the hummus of your choice. There are some wonderful techniques for making the best creamy hummus. But when I'm in a hurry, to make a basic hummus quickly, I take a can of chickpeas, or I buy the can of hummus already ready at the grocery store (sells for $1.40, section international regular grocery stores). I always add lemon juice, tahini, salt and pepper, sometimes a little spice (really I go to taste and adjust) and voila! 

*Get the spices Kaftas A Spice Affair à 15% de rabais avec code promo madamegermaine!




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