The cocktail Traveling differently

Because we all need to feel in this Guest house in the middle of an island in the Philippines, this beautiful little bar perched between two mountains in Peru or this fabulous restaurant at the top of a hotel in Mumbai!


A few powdery Rocket style candies, well crushed

5 mint leaves

1 oz orange liqueur (ex. Le Noroi)

1 oz apricot brandy

Ice cream

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Juice of 1/2 lime

1 C. maple syrup

Lemon Sparkling Water


Rub around the glass with a slice of lemon and stick the candies there.

Add the mint and the alcohols, crush the mint well.

Add the ice and stir a little.

Add lemon and lime juice, maple syrup, then dilute with sparkling water.


Enjoy with a bit of Bob Mayley!





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  • J’ai bien hâte qu’on le déguste ensemble!
    Sur une musique exotique woohoo!


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