Bomboloni chocolate-hazelnut ganache - Viva Italia!

Last summer, while doing a little tour around the world in Montreal, I happened to find myself in the best Italian pastries. And height of "misfortune", the owner, a woman so adorable and sympathetic, undertook to make me taste all the specialties of the place.

OMG!! What to say. Between the cannolis, the almond biscuits, the lemon puff pastries, there was... the BOMBOLONI with a chocolate-hazelnut ganache.

No joke, I don't even like chocolate-hazelnut spreads. But there, this donut... BOMBOLINI = BOMB that explodes in the mouth. I will never be able to describe this creamy, rich texture, filling-filled donut that tastes like heaven.

Being based in Quebec and not being able to get it so often, I decided to try to do it. Well, it doesn't beat the donut from Pâtisserie Alati-Caserta, where I advise you to go once in your life to taste it, but it gives a little knockout!

For the donut dough, I didn't reinvent anything. I took this recipe from our super Ricardo.

For the ganache, here is:

1 3/4 cup 35% whipping cream

100g dark chocolate

100g chocolate-hazelnut spread

Whip 1 cup of cream to obtain a fairly firm texture.

Gently heat 3/4 cup of cream. When it simmers, remove from the heat and add the chocolate.

Leave for a few minutes then add the whipped cream with a spatula, gently folding in. We want a nice fluffy texture!!

Refrigerate for about 30 minutes to have a less liquid texture.

Before filling your donuts, make a hole with a small knife and take care to open it well inside to inject a maximum of fillings.

With a sleeve. inject each donut to fill them well. Put it on, it's not ointment!

Enjoy without guilt (it only happens once a year!).

*You may have too much ganache... Make truffles, pies, filled cookies, etc.

*To see my entire tour in Montreal, which allowed me a great trip during the Covid, it's happening below!

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