Have you ever missed a flight?

manqué vol d'avion

Ayayaye! For years, before each trip, I had the same nightmare, I was going to miss my flight. I ran, I ran, but each time I had the relief of getting out of the obstacle, there was another one. And I panicked because I was going to miss my flight (the story doesn't say if I missed them or not, I always woke up before, thinking that I really shouldn't miss my flight).
Then 3 years ago, I left for Brazil, with a short stopover in Panama. Very short. Too short. Without knowing it, I miss my flight. Yes, it's really in a calm atmosphere that all this happens. No clue that I missed my flight. I am sluggish in the waiting room with all the people I think I'm boarding the plane with. Until I realize boarding and departure time has passed and I'm still here waiting. I'll find out then. I'm told the flight left a long time ago. But really?!! So I go to the counter of the airline to negotiate a next flight. Initially, it was supposed to cost me a good $300. Eventually the lady figured out the flight must have left before I even arrived and graciously provided a ticket for a flight 9 hours later. She hopes I will have room, but cannot guarantee it.
No problem, just wait! Anyway, this flight made it possible to arrive in Rio in the morning rather than in the middle of the night, it's even better!
9 hours later, I go to boarding, crossing my fingers that the plane is not full. Finally, a man hands me a ticket. Woahhhhh!! I have my ticket for Rio! A few minutes later, the man calls me again. I say to myself "Ah no, there is no more room after all." And no, he exchanges my ticket. I go back to my seat, I look at the ticket and what?! I see written "1st class". 1st class?!! No way!! What joy I had! A 1st class!! Believe me, I savored these 9 hours of flight and enjoyed every minute of this experience.
Finally, missing your flight does not always end badly.
And for you?

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