5 ways to travel, even when confined!

If you're like me, travelling, discovering, exploring, you really miss it!

For months, I have been looking for ways to stay connected to my passions, to keep the flame alive, to escape and to dream, even a little bit! 

I therefore share with you my little tricks to experience the "travel" feeling, even when you are encased. 

By the way, I created a group Travel Savor Share on Facebook to inspire each other. Join us!


1. Listen to world music

In the morning, I put on a bit of bossa nova and imagine myself in a café in Rio, in the evening, reggaeton ignites the preparation of my dinner. I work by listening to mixed rhythms inspired by deserts. In short, the melodies blown to my ears take me all over the world!

Here are some must-haves:

It automatically transports us to an inner journey : Ash

All mixes of Putumayo are stunning! 

Chain Playing for change which also has a worthy cause!


2. Trippy and true YouTube channels!

On YouTube, there are people like you and me who go on extra adventures in their own way. It makes me dream... if they do it, I can too! We all can!

There are some channels that are too superficial for me, but there are some that really trip me up, are authentic, and show me the human side of travel (beyond the checklist" I saw this, I saw that...") :

Life in a Day : What a discovery: a collection of videos made by many humans all over the world on July 25, 2020 on their day. 

Adventurous, beautiful, fun, free: Eva Zu Beck

A little lighter, but his adventures remind me of all sorts of things I've been through: Pppeter

And worse, wait until I can pimp mine even more with great experiences too ;)!!


3. the puffe!!!

Oh well, you were wondering when I was going to talk about it! No, no, on a daily basis I don't always cook exotic meals inspired by the 4 corners of the world either, but once in a while, giving yourself up to create an amazing menu, it's wow!

Of course, this is what I offer you through my ateliers culinaires en ligne, ou les suitcases Travel differently (histoire de vous faciliter la vie!).

But don't hesitate to explore the recipes of chefs from elsewhere and get inspired to create unique moments. Here are a few that I love:

She cooks the weirdest dishes, but really weird, but it always looks good!! Cooking with Sros 

The best Thai food explained by a Canadian : Pailin's Kitchen

The champion of Turkish food : Refika's Kitchen

To be inspired by Indian street food : Street food

For quick, well done, a super easy way to travel with food, it's LES ÉPICES! There's nothing like spices to remind you of a moment or create a unique taste, in no time. A Spice Affair, a company here has, in my opinion, the best range of spice blends in the world, in addition to being natural. Mixes as if I made them at home, but already ready!

15% off with promo code madamegermaine.


4. Drink!!

Not just alcohol. You can make yourself a mojito to remind yourself of Cuba, but I like to get out of the "Friday cocktail" to travel as often as possible.

One morning, I make myself a Turkish coffee. 2 days later, a chai tea (my spice mix A chaï in Mumbai all ready to create this marvel is coming by the way!), on weekends, a sahlab (velvety milk drink from the Middle East, recipe to come). Vietnamese coffee, sweet chamomile, hibiscus juice, ... All these drinks create comforting moments that make me dream of my future travels. Or make me travel in those already made!


5. Explore...with us!

I find it boring. Because it's like a constraint, and for me, anything that's constrained loses its sex appeal. But there Anne, there is a way to have a big trill by exploring at home!! For that, you just have to change your glasses! 

So I go for a walk in Old Quebec, and I put on my tourist glasses discovering a city, its inhabitants and their way of life. I discover new streets, unusual houses, new businesses, new restaurants...

I also bought a great package to meet the First Nations a little north of my house. Go see Vaolo, which offers authentic experiences (here or elsewhere), based on the principles of sustainable tourism. Unique human-based discovery experiences, even here in Quebec!

Have a nice trip! Soon the plane, soon... but in the meantime, let's take good habits not to lose, even when we can go further!



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