Madame Germaine Workshops: Destinations Anne

*Once you've made your reservation, we'll let you know which Germaine is available so you can choose your menu from these destinations.

**A fee may be charged for special requests related to food intolerances.

With Madame Germaine, Anne

    India: Discovering spices

    A menu influenced by spices! Spicy doesn't necessarily mean hot, but rather savory. With India, travel to the heart of a colorful world in well-organized chaos. Your taste buds will explode with delight!

    • Paratha (homemade bread with potatoes)
    • Bhel puri with vegetables
    • Paneer (cheese), tikka masala sauce
    • Raita, seasoned yogurt condiment
    • Coconut shrimp with Madras curry
    • Discover unusual desserts
    • Chaï masala, the real Indian spice tea!

    Moroccan hospitality
    Morocco: a land of flavours. Renowned for its grandiose Sahara, legendary hospitality and fabulous cuisine, Morocco will intoxicate you with flavors that will blow your taste buds away! Experience a unique journey that will charm you forever.

    • Briouates (stuffed brick pastry)
    • Side salad
    • Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives
    • Tomato and egg tagine
    • Orange salad
    • Almond cookies
    • Mint tea

    Peru: the marvellous city of gold
    South America's gastronomic empire, Peru will surprise you with the variety and influence of its dishes. Having made a major contribution to feeding the world, Peru will reveal some well-hidden treasures.

    • Causa limena, a richly flavoured layer of vegetables
    • Tallarines verdes, pasta with Peruvian pesto
    • Lomo saltado, a unique beef stir-fry
    • Famous potatoes and homemade mayo
    • Alfajores, fabulous shortbread cookies with dulce de leche
    • Sweet chamomile

    Welcome to Jordan
    Explore this land of pure hearts, strong traditions and incomparable generosity. To travel to Jordan is to touch a piece of our planet's history, but above all, to discover authentic Arab culture and cuisine.

    • Mutabel, a smoked eggplant dip
    • Pita with zaatar, a unique blend of herbs
    • Labneh with makdous, stuffed and marinated eggplant
    • Mansaf with chicken and tangy yogurt sauce
    • Ameena salad
    • Kenafa, a delectable butter and cheese dessert
    • Jordanian sage tea

    Authentic China

      Discover an unusual but magnificent country with a menu featuring authentic Chinese recipes to please every palate.

      • Unusual peanuts
      • Chinese pork ravioli
      • Yangshuo eggplant stir-fry
      • Tofu Char Siu, a tofu of thunder
      • Cucumber and garlic salad
      • Egg tarts
      • Green tea

      Unforgettable Indonesia

      Discover a country that leaves no one indifferent. The kindness and smile of the Indonesian people can be tasted in this menu full of discoveries. Indonesia, a fascinating country with a thousand cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

      • Mie goreng, fried egg noodles with side dishes
      • Satay, with delicious peanut sauce
      • Tempeh mani, a deliciously sweet tempeh
      • Kari, from Java, a vegetable and coconut curry
      • Martabak, a banana, peanut and chocolate pancake
      • Herbal tea with exotic herbs

      Greek sunshine

      The warmth of Greece's hot nights will find its way onto your plate with these dishes that can be found on every street corner in this country of culinary wonders!

      • Feta and zucchini croquettes
      • The best tzatziki
      • Soft homemade pita bread
      • Souvlaki chicken
      • Greek potatoes
      • Portokalopita, a unique orange cake
      • Greek herbal tea with honey and lemon

      Italy, la dolce vita

      Pleasure and relaxation take center stage in this workshop, where good food is everything! Everything will be handmade, and the Italian sweetness of life will invade your home!

      • The unique Burrata
      • Marinated anchovies
      • Eggplant alla parmigiana
      • Homemade ravioli with lemon crumble
      • Torta caprese (chocolate and almond cake)

      Bites from around the world

      Take a trip around the world with finger food, bites that can easily be eaten standing up (when too many guests have said yes to your invitation)!

      • Manchego chorizo crouton from Spain
      • Mexican shrimp ceviche
      • Indian dahi puri
      • Small pitas with labneh and zaatar
      • Brazilian Queijo coalho (grilled cheese topped with molasses)
      • Mini keftas
      • Lime tarts from Florida!

      Quebec: our grandmothers' classics

      Soak up authentic Quebec in this workshop inspired by the warm welcome of my grandmother, Germaine Laroche. You'll discover Quebec's roots in a unique and authentic human experience where you'll be welcomed as friends.

      • Local cheeses
      • Meatball stew
      • Crisp salad with milk vinaigrette
      • Mashed potatoes with garlic flower
      • Unemployed maple pudding
      • Quebec herbal tea


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