Workshops at your home: your destinations



Peru, the wonderful city of gold

In this workshop, I have a menu influenced by Indian spices and herbs. Travel to the heart of a colorful world in a well-organized chaos. Your taste buds will explode with joy!

  • Causa rellena with tuna
  • Tallarines verdes, pasta with Peruvian pesto
  • Lomo saltado, the famous beef stir-fry
  • Picarones, sweet potato fritters


Italy, the dolce vita

Pleasure and relaxation are in the foreground in this workshop where good food will count more than anything! Everything will be done by hand, and the Italian way of life will invade your home!

  • Sumptuous salami salad
  • Pizza, pizza, pizza, depending on the inspiration of the moment!
  • The authentic butter and sage ravioli
  • Delectable tiramisu


Welcome to Jordan
Explore this country where people have pure hearts, strong traditions and incomparable generosity. Traveling to Jordan means touching a historical part of our planet, but above all, discovering Arab authenticity in its culture and in its dishes.

  • Various mezzes (dips and appetizers)
  • Pita with zaatar, a mix of unique herbs
  • Chicken Mansaf
  • Kenafa, delicious butter and cheese dessert


Soleil de Grèce

The warmth of Greece's hot nights will be on your plate with these dishes that can be found on every street corner in this country of a thousand culinary wonders

  • Tomatokeftedes: delectable tomato fritters
  • The best tzadiki
  • Thunder Chicken Souvlaki
  • Portokalopita, unique orange cake


Québec : the classics of our grandmothers

Immerse yourself in authentic Quebec in this workshop inspired by the warm welcome of my grandmother, Germaine Laroche. You will discover the roots of Quebec in an authentic and unique human experience where you will be received as friends.

  • Tasting of cretons and cheeses
  • A meatball stew
  • Salad, cream vinaigrette
  • unemployed pudding


Fees may be charged for special requests related to food intolerances.